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    • Disposable Infusion Set(CMIS-5)

    Disposable Infusion Set(CMIS-5)

    1) Material: medical grade PVC, with or without DEHP;
    2) Blow molding chamber, without air vent;
    3) With single wing needle
    4) With drug filter;
    5) Y site;
    6) Polybag or blister packing

    Material of Disposable infusion set (CMIS-5)

    Medical Grade PVC, with or without DEHP


    1. Blow molding chamber, without air vent;
    2 . With single wing needle

    3. Y site;

    4. With drug filter;

    Treatment approach of infusion set

    EO gas sterilized

    Infusion sets Package

    Polybag or Blister Packing

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