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    • Oxygen Connection Tube

    Oxygen Connection Tube

    Made of medical grade PVC.

    * 100% latex free.

    * The length could be customized.

    * DEHP free are available.


    Oxygen tubing is a clear supply tubing used to deliver therapeutic oxygen to a patients airways. Made with a 5-channel star interior to prevent oxygen loss and deliver a continuous oxygen flow. Available in 7 foot and 25 foot lengths.
    The Oxygen supply tubing has a standard, 22 mm female connectors on each end to easily fit various low-pressure oxygen and air delivery apparatuses with male connectors like; oxygen concentrators, regulators and humidifier bottles.
    Clear, see-thru green tubing
    Two universal female connectors (22 mm)
    5-Channel star tubing
    Latex free
    Available in four different lengths
    Fits 5 to 7 mm (1/4 inch) male fitings
    Single patient use
    Oxygen tubing is a long hollow tube that delivers therapeutic oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or tank directly to a patient's oxygen mask or nasal cannula.

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