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    Hernia Mesh

    The mesh plug has redefined the repair of all primary and recurrent inguinal hernias. Use of the PerFix plug requires less overall dissection and when using a "tension-free" surgical technique. This results in increased patient comfort, faster rehabilitation and fewer recurrences.
    The PerFix plug has a tapered shape that eases its insertion into the hernia defect. Also, general anaesthesia is not required, the peritoneal cavity is not entered, and there is no postoperative ileus or nausea....

    The Advantages of Hernia Mesh is as follows:

    1) Biocompatible 100% polypropylene monofilament knitted
    2) Inert in the presence of infection
    3) Non-toxic and non-wettable
    4) Low foreign body reaction
    5) Prompt fibroblastic response
    6) Remains flat without wrinkling
    7) Pre-shaped mesh based

    8) SIZE:6x13cm,8x15cm,10x10cm,15x15cm,30x30cm

    When we use Hernia Mesh requires less overall dissection, with "tension-free" surgical technique. It can give comfort, faster rehabilitation and fewer recurrences for Hernia patient.

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