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    • Latex Examination Gloves (LLEG-1)

    Latex Examination Gloves (LLEG-1)

    1)Powered powder free, smooth and rough
    2)AQL1.5, AQL2.5, AQL4.0
    3)Size: S, M, L, XL
    4)Made of latex;
    5)100pcs per box

    Relevant Names

    powder free latex gloves, surgical glove, medical glove, medical latex glove, vinyl gloves

    Size of Latex examination gloves(LLEG-1)

    S, M, L, XL


    AQL1.5, AQL2.5, AQL4.0


    1. Powered powder free, smooth and rough

    2. contain no natural rubber latex protein or accessory

    3. It is durable.

    4. sterile and non toxic



    Packing Method of medical latex gloves

    100pcs per box

    Authorized Certifications

    CE , ISO9002 and FDA approved

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