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Disposable Needles Series
  • Medical hypodermic needle 16g-30g


    Product Description
    Features of Hypodermic Needle:
    1)High quality stainless steel
    2)Lager innner diameter high flow
    3)Shapness manimize patient comfort
    4)Coded hub by size for clear recognition
    5)Semi-transparent needle-hub for clearness of flashback
    6)Individual blister or bulk or poly...
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  • Scalp Vein Set

    CMIV Scalp Vein Infusion Set

    Scalp Vein Infusion Set
    Features of product
    1)Butterfly shaped wing for better handing and attachment to skin
    2)Cannula for smooth penetration
    3)Luer slip or lock end matches well with different types of infution sets
    4)Tube length 20cm-30cm
    5)Gauage 20g--27g available
    6)Sterilized by E...
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  • I. V. Cannula

    18g 22g 24g IV Cannula Needle

    Basic Info.
    Model NO.:18g 22g 24g
    Type:Iv Cannula
    Export Markets:Global
    Additional Info.
    Standard:CE, ISO
    Origin:Jiangsu, China
    Production Capacity:200000PCS/Day
    Product Description
    I. V. Cannula
    1)EO sterilized
    2)High quality needle, PTFE& ...
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  • Disposable Spinal Needle

    Disposable Spinal Needle

    Disposable Spinal Needle, Medical Needle Suppliers
    Quincke Bevel & Pencil Point
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  • Blood collection needle

    1. Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. 2. Soft and transparent PVC tube can observe the vein blood flow clearly. 3. Butterfly shaped wings facilitate easy handling and attachment with skin. 4. Sharp and smooth needle edges make penetration painless
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About Us

Changzhou Medical Appliances General Factory Co., Ltd. was built in 1988, it is a modern factory specialized in producing the disposable medical appliances in China. The factory is only 1km to Hengshan entrance of Huning high-speed road and is about 20 miles to Changzhou airport. So the traffic is convenience.
The area of the factory is 40000㎡, the area of purifying workshop is 7000m, and fixed assets are about 5,000,000USD. Our main products are Disposable infusion sets, Disposable blood transfusion sets, Disposable Sterile syringe sets, latex glove, disposable infusion set, simple oxygen mask, nebulizer mask, urine cup, hernia mesh, urine bag etc. Now we can manufacture more than 200,000,000 sets per year.

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