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    The Material of Disposable Syringe
     May 18, 2021|View:748

    At present, PVC is widely used in domestic and foreign disposable syringe. It has the advantages of excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, low price and simple production technology. However, PVC as a disposable medical device has the following disadvantages:

    1. There may be a small amount of polyethylene monomer in PVC, which has been proved to be carcinogen; Plasticizers that must be used in processing may gradually migrate out of the contaminated solution during the use process; Adding a variety of metal compounds as stabilizers may enter the human body to harm health; In order to improve the stability of metal stabilizer, the added phosphorus auxiliary agent further increased the toxicity of PVC; The waste PVC is difficult to deal with, which will cause serious pollution to the environment.

    2. due to the above defects in PVC materials, some developed countries in the United States, Japan and Europe are developing alternative PVC materials. So far, PVC still dominates the disposable syringe market because of the lack of substitute materials which can compete with PVC in comprehensive performance and price.

    The Material of Disposable Syringe

    Disposable syringes and other medical supplies that meet the production standards of medical devices have been strictly sterilized and sterilized before and when the products are packed. It can be said that they are completely sterile. Therefore, when unpacking and using the packaging, it is unnecessary to re disinfect them. Otherwise, it will cause pollution because "self disinfection treatment" is not strict and comprehensive by the manufacturer, The effect is "counterproductive".

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