The Dangerous of Disposable Syringe Reuse
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1. There are two types of luer lock disposable syringe: plastic and glass. Generally speaking, plastic syringes are disposable sterile syringes because of their low processing cost and further avoiding the risk of transmitting diseases through blood. Glass syringes are still used in medical treatment, because it is troublesome to disinfect with autoclave every time, so their application is limited.

2. It is illegal to reuse plastic needles even if the needles are replaced.

3. The glass needle tube can be sterilized in strict accordance with the standard in a certain sense. However, some small rural clinics cannot be disinfected as required, which increases the risk of cross infection to a certain extent. Although the Ministry of health and the food and Drug Administration encourage the use of luer lock disposable syringe, there is no explicit regulation prohibiting the reuse of syringes, which is still a blank in this regard.

4. The most harmful effect of repeated use of luer lock disposable syringe is the transmission of blood diseases (such as AIDS, hepatitis B) and cross infection.

The Dangerous of Disposable Syringe Reuse

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