Composition of Disposable Luer Lock Syringe
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Disposable luer lock syringe manufacturers should know about the composition and material standards of disposable luer lock syringe. The characteristics, structure and composition of disposable luer lock syringe is composed of shell, core rod, rubber plug, cone head, press hand and cone head. The product application field is matched with disposable injection needle for subcutaneous injection Body muscles Intravenous fluids Blood test or drug dissolution. It is generally made of polyethylene, that is, PP, which is generally medical grade and requires relevant certification. However, not all disposable luer lock syringe used in hospitals are medical grade PP raw materials. Disposable luer lock syringe manufacturing enterprises will also determine the quality of raw materials according to the size, level and demand of hospitals. However, regardless of the quality, such raw materials shall have:

1. A variety of sterilization methods can be selected (high pressure, hot steam, ethylene oxide, gamma ray, ion beam).

2. Gloss and transparency.

3. Excellent stiffness, impact resistance and a certain degree of resilience.

4. Excellent ultra-low temperature impact resistance.

Only in this way can it meet the basic needs of making materials for disposable luer lock syringes.

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