Advantages and disadvantages of EO sterilization
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Advantages and disadvantages of EO sterilization

Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum sterilizing agent, which can kill various microorganisms at room temperature, including spores, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on. At present, ethylene oxide is widely used to sterilize medical devices.

Sterilization advantages of ethylene oxide: (1) ethylene oxide is a gas sterilizing agent with a wide range of applications. It can be used for the sterilization of items that are not resistant to high temperature and humidity, as well as those that cannot be soaked with disinfectant and sterilized by dry heat, pressure, steam and other chemical gases. It is applicable to the sterilization of various medical instruments (such as fiber gastroscope, cardiac pacemaker, microscope), valuables (such as clocks, watches, jewelry), leather products, chemical fiber fabrics, plastics, rubber and various documents and materials.

(2) Ethylene oxide has good diffusion and penetration ability. It can penetrate cellophane, yellow paperboard (toilet paper), PVC film, leather and paper plastic bags. Relatively speaking, EO does not corrode plastic, metal and rubber, and will not turn yellow and brittle. Moreover, during ethylene oxide sterilization, the articles can be packed without being affected, and the sterilized articles can remain sterile for a long time, and the damage to the articles is relatively small.

(3) It can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores.

Ethylene oxide sterilization also has disadvantages, because there will be EO and ECH residues on the products after sterilization, which can only be used after being analyzed and qualified. Ethylene oxide can volatilize quickly at room temperature, and the residue on the articles is easy to deal with. After sterilization, it can be treated by natural analysis and forced analysis. Natural analysis volatilizes naturally in the air, with low cost, but the analysis is relatively slow, and the cost of forced analysis is high, but the residue on the products can be removed well by forced analysis.

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