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    What is Medical Disposable Syringe​
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    Medical disposable syringe shall be sterilized with ethylene oxide, sterile, no heat source. Syringe models are divided into syringe and drug dissolver. The syringe can be used for drug dissolving. Because the needle of the drug dissolver is relatively thick, the drug dissolver cannot be used for human injection without replacing the fine needle. The syringe is packed in plastic bag or paper plastic packaging. The name, standard, specification, model, batch number, needle, production date, ethylene oxide sterilization, expiration date of sterilization, precautions, manufacturer and manufacturer information must be indicated on the packaging.

    Medical disposable syringe is made of high molecular polypropylene material, which is divided into three-piece type and two-piece type. The three-piece structure is composed of core rod, rubber plug, outer sleeve, injection needle and outer package. The two-piece structure is composed of core rod, outer sleeve, injection needle and outer package. One of the challenges facing the stability and safety of medical disposable syringes in production may be the assembly between stainless steel needle tube and plastic needle bolt. The connector is crucial to the safety of the syringe.

    In the early stage, the syringe barrel was made of glass, which was usually disinfected by autoclave. It was a non disposable syringe. In order to further reduce the risk of blood borne diseases and the treatment cost of plastic syringes is low, most modern medical syringes are made of plastic.

    What is Medical Disposable Syringe

    1. Imported raw materials are adopted, with good finish and high transparency of the jacket, which is easy to observe.

    2. The unique anti slip structure can prevent the core rod from accidentally sliding out of the jacket.

    3. The piston is processed with high-quality medical rubber, with aging resistance and good sealing performance.

    4. Imported medical lubricant is used to lubricate the jacket, which makes it feel light.

    5. Adopt 6:100 standard conical joint, with screw port and non screw port design, and firmly connect with the injection needle.

    The medical disposable syringe is composed of a needle, a needle barrel, a piston and a push rod. The front end of the push rod is connected with a piston, and the front end of the needle barrel is connected with a nipple. It is characterized in that the needle head is hollow, the needle tips at both ends are provided with pinholes, the middle part of the needle head is fixed inside the nipple of the disposable syringe, the front part of the needle head is exposed outside the syringe, the rear part of the needle head is located inside the syringe barrel, and the rear part of the needle head is provided with barbs, The barb is located behind the tip of the needle at the rear end of the needle; A third pinhole is arranged on the rear part of the needle, the third pinhole is located at the end where the rear part of the needle contacts the nipple, and the interval between the third pinhole and the barb is slightly greater than the thickness of the piston, so that the piston can be placed in the interval between the third pinhole and the barb.

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