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    Instruction of irrigation syringe
     May 17, 2022|View:102

    Instruction of irrigation syringe

    Performance and structures

    The product is mainly composed of barrel, cap,piston, plunger and bulb. It is for single use only.

    Intended use

    Irrigation Syringe is a device that is used to irrigate wound and feed liquid.


    1. Open the single packaging and remove the cap.

    2. Slowly pull the plunger to intake the needed liquid.

    3. Compress the bulb to make the flushing fluid or food into the barrel,compress again to make the flushing fluid or food into the parts which the patient needed.

    4. Product use must meet the SOP of health sector and related regulations. For well-trained doctors and nurses use only.

    DSC_2353 冲洗器.jpg

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