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    Introduction of infusion set
     Jul 08, 2022|View:293

    Introduction of infusion set

    Flexible tubing with standard length of 150cm
    Latex connection
    Latex inserts to enable additional injections during the infusion,latex or latex free
    Luer slip ,luer lock

     1) Round synthetic spike with integrated air vent and filter
     2) Transparent drip chamber with filter
     3) Flexible tubing with standard length of 150cm
     4) With flow rate control
     5) Thin latex connector
     6) Luer slip adapter with hypodermic needle
     7) Sterilization: ethylene-gas-sterilization
    Sterilized by EO gas, pyrogen-free
    PE bag or blister bag

    infusion set luer lock副本.jpg28E764928337E5D3092CA7BD8054799B副本.jpg

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