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    What is oxygen mask?
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    Oxygenmask,isa medical devicefor single use, made of medical grade PVCfor hospital use; it is characterized byits anatomicalandflexibly.

    This medical devicehas a smooth surface, free of cracks, deformation, bubbles, burrs, sharp edges, ridges, foreign materialandsoftenedparts.


    The medical device is composed of:

    §  Mask:  Made of PVC,its function is to coverthe nose andmouth of the patientto forma space that allowsprovidingoxygen therapy. It could be green or clear color.

    §  Metal clip:Made of aluminum,its function is to adjustthe mask tothe patient's noseto prevent leakage of oxygen.

    §  Elastic fastener:Made ofelastic fiber,allows firmlyadjust the masktothe patient's face. It is adjustable.

    §  Maskconnector: Made of polypropylene,is used to connectthe mask to theoxygensupply tube.

    §  Oxygensupply tubeMade of PVC, its function is to allowthe flow of oxygen. It could be green or clear color.At each endit hasadapteda standardconnector thatallows connection tothe mask andthe oxygen source, respectively.

    §  Connector ofoxygensupply tube: Made of PVC, is used to connectthetubesupplying oxygen tothe oxygen source.

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