How to use the 5 ml oral syringe with cap to get your child to take their medication?
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Babies aged 0-1 year do not like to take their medication, mainly because of their aversion to taste and because their swallowing movements are not yet perfect.The use of a 5 ml oral syringe with cap allows for better administration of medication to small children.


5 ml oral syringe with cap

1. Choose a specific medicine

Most of the specialized medicines for babies contain flavor enhancers, which give them a fruity, candy-like flavor and sweetness that makes them easier to take.


2. Use a 5 ml oral syringe with cap

Using a 5 ml oral syringe with cap is probably the best way to administer medicine to babies. Use the feeder to take the medicine accurately and then aim it at the sides of your baby's mouth. Be careful not to aim for the back of the baby's mouth as this may cause vomiting and coughing.


3. Control the dose

It is not necessary to force your baby to drink the whole dose at once. Giving too much medicine can make them vomit more and it is not easy for the mother to know how much her baby has taken and how much more to take. Try feeding half the dose at a time, or even less.


4. Bottle feeding

Mum can fill a bottle with medicine (not too much, just a little) and let the baby suck on it through the pacifier. For babies under 9 months old, the medicine will be finished before they realize what is happening. Of course, you can buy special pacifier feeders and remember to add a little water at the end so that your baby can drink the rest of the medicine as well.


5. Distraction

Have your baby sit up straight and look up at the hanging toys. When the baby is concentrating, he will open his mouth slightly and the mother can use the dropper to feed the medicine. This has been proven to work well in practice.


6. Pretend to be tasty

Children aged 6-12 months like to imitate their parents and are curious. When the mother shows that the medicine looks tasty, the baby will usually rush to drink it.


7. Refrigerate the medicine in advance

Ask your doctor or pharmacist in advance if you can refrigerate the medicine you need to give your child, as the bitter taste is usually less intense and more acceptable to your baby when the medicine is cold.


These are just a few of the ways to get your child to take their medication. We hope you find them helpful and if you would like to purchase a 5 ml oral syringe with cap, please contact us directly.

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