About the Luer slip syringe tip
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The Luer slip syringe tip is a standardized micro-permeation-free connection between a male Luer slip syringe tip and a matching female Luer slip syringe tip section, widely used in medical and laboratory instruments and named after the nineteenth-century German inventor of instruments, Ruhr.


Luer slip syringe tip

The Luer slip syringe tip is a convenient connection device used in the medical industry that greatly simplifies the management of liquid and gaseous medical fluids. Luer slip syringe tip is able to switch between 4 infusion bags without inserting or removing the patient's infusion needle. The connector also allows multiple compatible fluids to be managed using the same line, thus reducing the number of wounds on the patient.


Difficulties in implementing the Luer slip syringe tip:

Since the main objective of this product is to achieve smoothness and tightness of the threaded connection. The high dimensional accuracy of the corresponding threads and the tightness of the product after assembly are the key challenges.


Structure of the Luer slip syringe tip mold:

The Luer slip syringe tip molds are mainly used with 1*2 or 1*4 rows of holes, the glue feeding method is side feed and submerged glue feeding, and the ejector method is generally the ejector pin ejector.


Materials used for the Luer slip syringe tip:

1. ABS: ABS plastic has good overall physical and mechanical properties, good impact toughness, stiffness, hardness, and fatigue strength are very good; ABS plastic heat deformation temperature of 85-110 ℃, while having good cold resistance, and good electrical properties, can be used as a general requirement of electrical insulation materials; secondly, the material has good chemical stability, in addition to concentrated oxidizing acid, on other acids, alkalis, salts are more stable. The material has good chemical stability and is stable to acids, alkalis, and salts, except for concentrated oxidizing acids.


2. PC: PC material has flame retardancy, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, etc., is a non-crystalline plastic, has high-quality heat resistance, good transparency and high impact resistance, and other physical and mechanical properties, and has high efficiency of light transmission, refractive index, and easy processing molding and other characteristics.


The above is the introduction of Luer slip syringe tip, hope to help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.

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