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    Combi Stoppers for syringe
     Jan 04, 2023|View:135

    Disposable medical Combi stopper


    Used together with the arterial and venous cannula

    Made from ABS, International luer connector

    It was a tight-fitting adapter, has a good feature of seal, which leads to no leakage

    Very smooth and easy to puncture, without any edges and corners

    No chemical additive between components, so as to reduce stimulation


    1) Used for disposable syringe

    2) With slick and intact appearance

    3) Highly sealing and sliding performance

    4) Material: ABS

    5) Color: Available in red and blue

    6) Male/female luer lock fitting

    combi stopper.jpg

    syringe stopper 3.jpgsyringe stopper 4.jpg

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