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    What are the different types of syringes?
     Feb 15, 2023|View:69
    1. Plastic syringe – It is the commonly used syringe because it is disposable. It comes with a rubber plunger tip. It is often used with PP(Polypropylene). Although affordable, plastic syringes flex under pressure which could lead to volume inaccuracies as high as 5%.

    2. Glass syringe – This type of syringe is used with a syringe pump.  Glass syringes are reusable and more accurate when compared to other types of the syringe. The plunger can be made from ground glass, glass with a Teflon syringe tip, metal with a Teflon tip, and metal-only. Glass syringe is more expensive than the plastic syringe.

    3. Stainless steel syringe – Of all types of the syringe, the stainless steel is the most durable one. It is primarily used for high-pressure dosing applications. The durability of the material makes it the most expensive type of syringe. Aside from the price, another drawback is the challenge of using it as it is not transparent. Health professionals may find it difficult to load and remove air bubbles.

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