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    Different tips of syringe
     Feb 24, 2023|View:94

    Syringes have been around for decades, and they are widely used in medicine. 

    They are widely used, whether injecting vaccines for a life-threatening virus or injecting someone with lifesaving medications. Syringes have different types and sizes but work similarly.

    There are several different types of syringes including luer lock, luer slip, catheter tip.

    Luer lock:It offers a more secure connection. Luer lock syringes need a needle to be twisted on and locked in place. This helps prevent accidental slipping and the needle from falling off.

    Luer lock

    Luer slip:It offers a quick and simple way to attach a needle. This syringe tends to be cheaper and are better used when a quick injection is needed. Luer slip needles can sometimes pop off and are why some medical professionals prefer to use a luer lock syringe.

    Luer slip

    Catherter tip: It is commonly used for injecting through the tubing, or when a regular slip tip needle is larger than a normal slip tip. 

    Catherter tip

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