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    What is an oral syringe used for?
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    What is oral syringe?

    Oral syringe is one of disposable syringe,it is consist of barrel,plunger,gasket and cap.

    There are different packages for it,PE packaging,blister packaging and bulk packaging.


    What kinds of oral syringe do we have ?

    We have 3 kinds of oral syringe.2-part syringe,3-part syringe and syringe with cap.

    They are as following:

    DSC_2352 canton fair2.jpgIMG_3049.JPG6.jpg

    What is oral syringe used for?

    The oral syringe often used to feeding food or medicine for pets,children or patients.

    How to use oral syringe?

    1. Open the packaging and remove the protective cover.

    2. Slowly pull up the plunger and inhale the required liquid medicine or liquid food.

    3. Push the plunger, then the medicine or food will be sent to peoples' or pets' mouth.

    4.Put the cap on the syringe mouth and throw it into the trash can.

    Can oral syringe be resued?

    We generally do not recommend this action, but if the customer requires it, an oral syringe can only be used up to 15 times for the same person or animal.

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