What is the difference between iv set and blood transfusion set?-2
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Features of IV Giving Set

  • Perforator with protective cap

  • Air inlet with integrated bacteriological filter

  • Drop counting chamber (Transparent drip chamber)

  • Precision flow regulator

  • Transparent tubing

Features of Blood Giving Set

  • PVC-based flexible tubing

  • perforator (spike) from stainless steel, encased in polyamide or moulded from ABS or POM

  • PVC drip-counter chamber

  • Blood filter made of polyamide

  • Flow regulator made of polystyrene, ABS

  • Rubber latex free injector port

  • PVC air inlet (for type with air vent)

Infusion set

The essential parts of the IV set are (1) spike (2) drip chamber (3) PVC tube (4) roller clamp (5) Y site or rubber connector (6)  Luer-lock or luer-slip connector, and (7) needle.

Blood transfusion set

The essential parts of the blood administration set are (1) spike, (2) drip chamber with blood filter (3) PVC tube (4) roller clamps (5) injection site (6) luer-lock or luer slip connector and (7) needle.

The similarities between infusion and transfusion

  • Infusion and transfusion introduce to the bloodstream through a vein in the body.

  • Both infusion and transfusion are intravenous and non-oral.

  • Infusion and transfusion complications show similar complications such as discomfort, fever, headache, nausea, and tiredness.

  • They are administered through IV drips.

The difference between infusion and transfusion

Infusion is the introduction of nutrients, medication, drugs, or saline for disease and illness, while transfusion is the introduction of blood to the body during an injury or illness. So, this is the key difference between infusion and transfusion. During the transfusion, it is important to check the compatibility of blood types of donors and recipients, but during infusion, it is not needed.

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