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    Principle of Specimen Collection Swab
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    We all know that the top of the DNA flocking specimen collection swab is nylon fiber structure. The nylon fiber is attached to the surface of the medical ABS plastic rod by electrostatic field to form a brush like layer. The layers are fully parallel and perpendicular to the surface of the inner rod. The brush head is used to collect DNA. Do you know the principle of collecting and separating samples with flocking specimen collection swabs?

    Through the directional friction effect of brush like fiber layer, the flocking specimen collection swab can completely capture the cell samples. The capillary movement between nylon fibers in the front of the flocking swab can form a strong hydraulic pressure for absorbing liquid or cell line samples. The cell samples can also be uniformly concentrated on the near surface of brush like fibers, so more than 95% of the samples can be released finally.

    Principle of Specimen Collection Swab

    How to collect specimen swab for flocking swab

    1. First, open the specimen collection swab package, take out the swab carefully, and pay attention not to touch anything before sampling to avoid pollution.

    2. Place the swab in the position or place to be sampled, and sample by stopping, rotating or wiping.

    3 gently take out the sampling swab, usually put the swab into the virus sampling tube, throw away the tail of the swab after breaking, tighten the tube cover and put it into the biological safety bag for timely inspection.

    What are the advantages of flocking specimen collection swab?

    In the process of specimen collection, the unique structure of the front end of the flocking swab can greatly increase the number of samples collected, which can be regarded as the first advantage of the flocking swab. The second advantage is reflected in the process of sample precipitation, because the layered structure of the flocking swab brush can release almost all the collected samples.

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