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    The History of Disposable Luer Lock Syringe
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    Disposable luer lock syringe is a common medical appliance. As early as the 15th century, the Italian cartiner put forward the principle of syringe. Gas or liquid is extracted or injected mainly with a needle. Disposable luer lock syringe can also be used to inject medical equipment, containers, such as scientific instruments in some chromatography through rubber diaphragms.

    The History of Disposable Luer Lock Syringe

    The emergence of syringes is an epoch-making revolution in the field of medical appliances. The process of extracting and injecting gas or liquid with a needle is called injection. The disposable luer lock syringe is composed of a syringe with a small hole at the front end and a matched piston core rod, which is used to inject a small amount of liquid or it into areas inaccessible by other methods or extract from those places. When the core rod is pulled out, the liquid or gas is sucked from the small hole at the front end of the disposable luer lock syringe, and the liquid or gas is extruded when the core rod is pushed in.

    As early as the 15th century, the Italian cartiner put forward the principle of disposable luer lock syringe. But it was not until 1657 that British Boyle and Ryan carried out the first human experiment. Abel, a surgeon in the army of King Louis XVI of France (1774-1792), also envisaged a piston syringe. But it is generally believed that prawoz of France was the first person to use syringes. The syringe he supervised in 1853 was made of silver, with a capacity of only 1 ml and a threaded piston rod.

    Ferguson, an Englishman, was the first to use a glass syringe. The glass has good transparency and can see the injection of drugs. After that, the syringe made of glass tube metal can be disinfected by boiling method, and the needle can also be sharpened and disinfected. The syringe is made of plastic and thrown away once, which greatly reduces the risk of infection during injection. In order to ensure hygiene and prevent cross infection, contemporary syringes are mostly made of plastic.

    With the development of science and technology, scientists have developed a new method of injecting drugs without needles. Drugs can be injected into the body through the skin with a high-speed and high-pressure ejector. This method may one day end today's era of injection pain. Scientists unveiled the mystery of this needle free syringe on May 26. It is very similar to the injection device in the film star trek. It can inject various doses of drugs into different depths of skin according to a predetermined procedure. For patients with "needle phobia", this innovative disposable luer lock syringe may be very popular in the future because it will not cause pain. Usually, such patients don't even get a vaccine because they are afraid of needles.

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