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    What is disposable luer lock syringe
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    Luer lock is a threaded connection on disposable luer lock syringe, which can form a leak free seal. Caregivers can connect needles, tubes, and other devices to locks to perform various activities involved in patient care. The accessories are standardized, and all medical products companies produce designs of the same specification. Standardization allows the interchangeable use of various medical devices, enabling care providers to choose the best device for specific tasks without worrying about compatibility.

    What is disposable luer lock syringe

    The basic design was developed in the 19th century and was originally used as a seal for glass bottles. The application for syringes led medical professionals to use Luer locks. The nursing staff can pull the accessories up or down the syringe without using a screwdriver. This reduces the risk of parts falling off and forms a tight seal with minimal risk of leakage. For the safety of patients and medical staff, it may be important to control leakage.

    Disposable luer lock syringe advantages. The nursing staff can switch the needle on the lock to carry out procedures such as acupuncture, and then replace it with a new needle to reduce the pain of the patient. They can choose the best needle size according to the type of injection and the patient and ensure firm fixation. On the contrary, Luer locks can also be used for activities such as blood drawing, where they can hold the needle or connect with a cannula or intravenous pipeline to pull several blood.

    Tubes for intravenous drip, subcutaneous fluid and other procedures may get stuck on the luer locking device. In this case, the needle can be connected to the pipe and inserted, or it can be left in place to provide continuous catheter access. When no one needs access, the Luer lock can be closed to minimize the chance of infection. For a variety of medical products, minimal leakage may be important and also help to keep the working environment clean.

    Disposable luer lock syringe and other accessories are usually marked on the package, and the lock can be seen in the transparent package. There are several designs on the market, and it is important to ensure that one design is used correctly. If patients or caregivers want to use disposable luer lock syringes and equipment, they can order medical supplies through this function.

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