Difference Between Specimen Collection Swabs
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Why do some people collect nasopharyngeal specimen collection swab and some people collect oropharyngeal specimen collection swab?

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, citizens across the country have actively cooperated with the anti epidemic work. After several times of nucleic acid sampling and testing, some citizens put forward why they should not take ear and mouth and nose?

Ear picking is certainly a joke. In addition to collecting a pile of earwax, the detection of COVID-19 is meaningless. Compared with nasopharyngeal swabs, inappropriate and psychological fear are still very different. In view of the concerns of some citizens and friends, such as: why do some people require nasopharynx swabs, while some people can take oropharyngeal swabs?

There are different degrees of discomfort when collecting nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs. Are there any other comfortable sampling parts to choose?

At present, the following samples are collected for COVID-19 nucleic acid detection:

1. Nasopharyngeal specimen collection swab.

2. Oropharyngeal specimen collection swab.

3. Deep expectoration.

4. Nasopharynx or respiratory tract extract.

5. Bronchial lavage fluid.

6. Alveolar lavage fluid.

7. Except for some special cases, nasopharyngeal specimen collection swab and oropharyngeal specimen collection swab are the most common samples. 

Difference Between Specimen Collection Swabs

Why do some people take nasopharynx specimen collection swab and some people take oropharyngeal specimen collection swab?

1. according to the eighth edition of the prevention and control plan and the second edition of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing manual, it is necessary to give priority to the collection of nasopharyngeal swabs.

2. Asymptomatic infected persons, entry personnel and close contacts shall collect nasopharyngeal swabs for nucleic acid detection during isolation and observation.

3. When nucleic acid detection is carried out in low-risk areas, oropharyngeal swabs are mostly collected. Nose and mouth are also respiratory organs. Why should nasopharyngeal swabs be taken first?

What are the advantages of nasopharyngeal specimen collection swab and oropharyngeal specimen collection swab?

Studies have shown that the detection rate of COVID-19 nucleic acid in nasopharyngeal swabs is higher than that in oropharyngeal swabs, because the nasopharyngeal cavity is relatively closed and the virus is more easily enriched. However, whether it is oropharyngeal swab or nasopharyngeal swab, the key is that the collection action must be standardized, in place and meet the standards. As long as the acquisition is standardized, both methods can achieve the expected detection purpose.

If you suffer from nasal diseases such as rhinitis, can you collect oropharyngeal swabs?

Oropharyngeal swabs should be taken if there are the following related medical history and risk factors.

1. Patients with severe allergic rhinitis.

2. Deformity in nasal cavity, such as bending of nasal septum.

3. Recent symptoms of nasal bleeding.

4. No more than 3 months after nasal surgery.

5. Have blood disease or take anticoagulant drugs for a long time.

What should we pay attention to before collecting oropharyngeal specimen collection swab?

Avoid eating 2 hours before collecting oropharyngeal specimen collection swabto avoid irritating vomiting. Smoking, drinking, chewing gum, etc. shall not be allowed 30 minutes before sampling, so as to avoid frequent swallowing, affecting the virus enrichment in the throat and affecting the test results.

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