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    Introduction of Disposable Luer Lock Syringe
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    Disposable luer lock syringes can also be used for medical instruments and utensils. For example, some instruments and equipment in chromatography can be injected through the rubber diaphragm. Inject gas into the blood vessel and you will cause air embolism. The way to remove gas from the disposable luer lock syringe to prevent blockage is to turn the syringe upside down, tap it gently, and then squeeze out a little liquid before injecting it into the blood.

    Introduction of Disposable Luer Lock Syringe

    In some places with high precision or where bacteria do not need to be considered too much, such as quantitative chemical composition analysis, the glass disposable luer lock syringe is still used because the deviation of the glass disposable luer lock syringe is small and the sliding rod moves smoothly. It can also be used to inject some juice into the meat with the disposable luer lock syringe in the case of cooking meat products to improve taste or texture, or to inject it into the point center during baking. The disposable luer lock syringe can also fill the ink cartridge with black ink.

    2ml, 5ml, 10ml or 20ml disposable luer lock syringes are generally used, 50ml or 100ml disposable luer lock syringes are occasionally used, and 1ml disposable luer lock syringes are used for intradermal injection.

    The disposable luer lock syringe needle can be made of plastic or glass, and generally there is a scale mark indicating the volume of liquid in the syringe. Disposable disposable luer lock syringes can be sterilized with autoclaves. Due to the relatively low cost of plastic disposable luer lock syringes, most contemporary diagnosis and treatment disposable luer lock syringes are made of plastic, which further reduces the risk of blood borne diseases. Among the people who inject drugs intravascularly, the spread rate is high, especially the spread of HIV and hepatitis is related to the repeated use of needles and disposable luer lock syringes.

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