Design and Development of Hernia Repair Mesh Materials
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Difference analysis of design and development of hernia repair mesh materials

1.Product structure and composition

The hernia repair material is made of polypropylene monofilament, and the product is provided in a sterile state for one-time use.

2.Product scope

The hernia repair material is suitable for the tension-free hernia repair of the primary inguinal hernia and femoral hernia.

3.Division of product model specifications

The hernia repair material is divided into two types: flat sheet and pre-formed patch. The flat sheet contains 10 specifications, and the pre-formed patch contains 24 specifications. The specifications of each model are as follows:







Flat sheet




Formed patch

Ø5 For men


5×30Ø8 For women


6×116×13 For men


6×11.86×13 For women











4.Product differentiation analysis

4.1 Difference between plain film and pre-formed patch

1)The plain piece is rectangular or square. The clinical use is selected by the surgeon according to the patient's condition, and the appropriate specifications can be selected, and then the precise trimming is performed for the routine operation and repair. Clinically used for the repair of type I sputum.

2)The preformed patch is preliminarily designed into various shapes (circular, bullet-shaped, conical) according to the physiological structure of the human body, and is preferably used according to the patient's condition.   

3)The pre-formed patch of Specification I, Specification II and Specification III is a two-layer suture structure and is used for preperitoneal repair. The lower circular patch is placed in the inner layer of the pupil, and the upper petal shape is used to fix the pupil. Different numbers are suitable for patching different apertures

4.2 Difference between hernia mesh for male and female

Preformed patches are also divided into different sizes for men and women. Men are characterized by separating one end of the mesh and opening a small hole. This small hole is set according to the physiological characteristics of the male. It is convenient for the doctor to place the spermatic cord in the clinical operation. (If the hole is not opened beforehand, the patch cannot bypass the spermatic cord. The doctor must open the patch before the operation. This is time consuming and labor intensive, increasing the time and cost of surgery.).

 In summary, product classification and sub-specification are designed to facilitate doctors to scientifically select products of appropriate specifications according to the patient's condition during clinical practice, improve the quality of surgery, and reduce the cost of surgery.

Difference analysis of design and development of hernia repair mesh materials

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