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    Instruction Manual for Nebulizer Mask
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    nstruction Manual for Nebulizer Mask

    IntroductionNebulizer mask is a medical device whose intended use is atomizing liquid drug for the patient.

    Nebulizer mask is composed of mask, oxygen tubing, connector, oxygen input connector, aluminium flake, elastic belt and aerosol container etc.

    Application ScopeBeing used for atomizing liquid drug

    Direction for Use

    Nebulizer Mask

    1) Rotate the aerosol container, take down the upper cover, add liquid drug according to the doctor’s advice, put the upper cover in back, and rotate tightly towards the right.

    2) Connect the aerosol container with the mask.

    3) Place the mask on the patients face with the elastic strap below the ears and around the neck, Gently pull the ends of the strap until the mask is secure. Shape the metal strip on the mask to fit the nose.

    4) Connect the aerosol container and gas supply.

    5) Open gas supply, adjust the gas flow from minimum 4L/min to maximum 10L/min. If necessary, pat the aerosol until it starts to atomize.

    note1. Check if the humidification bottle leaks gas when use oxygen as gas supply so as to avoiding pressure shortage which will cause poor oxygen.

    2. And please contact the supplier when the oxygen input connector does not match with the connector to select the suitable one.

    3. At the pressure of 34.5kPa of gas supply, flow of 5L/min goes through the oxygen tubing, bend it, there still be more than 3.75L/min (75% of 5L/min) through the oxygen tubing. 

    4. The gas supply should be 160kPa, the minimum flow is 4L/min, the maximum flow is 10L/min, and the middle flow is 7L/min.

    5. The atomizing rate should be 0.16±0.04 GPM.

    6. The amount of liquid drug should between 0cc to 6cc.

    Instruction Manual for Nebulizer Mask 

    Caution] 1. For single use. Discard after use.

    2. Sterilized by EO.

    3. Do not use if package is damaged.

    4. Do not store at extreme temperature and humidity. Store in cool and in dry place.

    5. Ensure that all connections are secure and air circulates freely through the tubing.

    Warning 1. Have cross-infection if re-use.

    2. Contain DEHP, use with caution to children and the pregnant. If feeling unwell, stop use it and contact a doctor.

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