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    Disposable Laparoscopic Surgical Polymer Ligature Ligating Clip
     Feb 16, 2022|View:183

    Disposable Laparoscopic Surgical Polymer Ligature Clip


    Disposable ligation clips (ligature clips for short) are currently commonly used medical consumables in endoscopic minimally invasive surgery. According to the material and use of the product, doctors are also used to call it absorbable biological clips, titanium clips, and plastic clips. The surgical instruments used with the ligation clips are clip appliers, also known as titanium clips or microgram clips.

    The structure of the product

    The ligation clip consists of a clip, a base and a base cover .

    Product is supplied sterile, ethylene oxide sterilized. 

    Features and advantages of product innovation

    1. The device is disposable to avoid cross infection;
    2. X-Large (gold), large(purple), medium large (green),  to meet a variety of clinical ligation needs;
    3. Large clamping force,reliable structure, good hemostatic effect;
    4. Imported inert material,good bio-compatibility, decomposition,not the body depend;
    5. Penetrable ray,no scattering and no artifact in CT/MRI examination;
    6. Imported advanced equipment and technology, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of surgery;

    Disposable ligation clipsDisposable ligation clips

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