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    New Opportunitie of Syringe Manufacturers
     Feb 25, 2022|View:233

    According to the National Health Committee's official website, as of May 23, 2021, China reported a total of 510 million 858 thousand doses of COVID-19 vaccine. It is increasing at the rate of 13.5 million doses per day.

    With the continuous acceleration of vaccination, the production pressure of Chinese syringe manufacturers is unprecedented. At the same time, it also drives the large-scale growth of the medical consumables industry of vaccine syringe.

    New Opportunitie of Syringe Manufacturers

    Last year, the European Commission concluded that "once COVID-19 vaccine is successfully developed, there may not be enough syringes and other medical supplies". At the same time, American BD company also publicly disclosed that there are only 15 million disposable syringes in stock in the United States. If the production is not accelerated, it is difficult to meet the demand for new crown vaccination. But obviously, no matter how well prepared, it is still insignificant in the face of billions of global needs! Although syringes are simple, it is still difficult for syringe manufacturers to ensure a large supply in the short term!

    At present, the packaging of COVID-19 vaccine mainly consists of two kinds of packaging, namely, prefilled syringe and vial. The former does not need to be equipped with a needle tube, and can be used for injection after unpacking. The latter requires additional use with small-size vaccine syringes, which are mainly manufactured by China, the United States, Japan and Germany.

    Nowadays, although there are more than 400 syringe manufacturers in China, more than 90% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, and less than 10% of large-scale large and medium-sized enterprises. At present, many syringe manufacturers have started 24-hour production.

    Orders soared! Increasing global demand

    With the deterioration of the epidemic situation in some countries, the demand for vaccination in many countries is increasing, and many countries also began to increase the inventory of syringes.

    Recently, the international logistics giant DHL and McKinsey jointly released the white paper shows that after the advent of COVID-19 vaccine, orders for more than 10 billion worldwide, syringe prices compared with the previous epidemic increased by more than 2 times. It can be seen that with the orderly and comprehensive vaccination of Covid-19 vaccine and the continuous outbreak of syringe demand, syringe manufacturers are expected to usher in new development opportunities.

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