Sequelae of COVID-19
 2022/03/10 | View:255

Recently, the latest research published by Oxford University in the journal Nature has revealed some possible sequelae of new crowns. Studies have shown that COVID-19 can cause brain atrophy and cause brain damage related to memory and olfaction.


In this study, 785 brain magnetic resonance imaging scans were conducted among two subjects aged between 51 and 81. More than 400 of them were infected with COVID-19 between two scans.

The results showed that even in patients with mild neocoronavirus, their brain expressiveness was significantly different from that before infection. Brain scans showed that the brains of these subjects shrank to varying degrees, with the most severe brain volume reduced by 2%. In addition, it is accompanied by cognitive impairment and decreased attention.

Whether these changes will last for a long time is unknown, and the researchers believe that further investigation is needed. The alpha variant was dominant in the UK at the time of the study, so the experiment did not include the subsequent Delta and Omicron variants.

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