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    Oral/Enteral Syringe for Liquid Food Providing
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     Oral/Enteral Syringe


    The Oral Feeding Syringes are designed for delivering enteral tube feed, water, and medications via an enteral feeding tube.

    Product name
    Oral/Enteral Feeding Syringes
    TypeEnfit tip

    Used for liquid food providing,wound washing

    Not Use for Injection

    With adapter or without adapter   

    Before use, please read the instructions overleaf  


    1. Fit adaptor firmly into neck of medicine bottle

    2. Hold empty syringe and draw out plunger to dosage mark required

    3. Fit syringe into bottle adaptor an invert bottle

    4. Push in plunger fully and then slowly draw out medicine to dosage mark required

    5. Check for any air bubbles in the syringe, if any are present repeat step 4 until bubbles disappear.

    6. To measure dose accurately, line upper black ring on plunger with the required dosage mark

    7. Place medicine bottle upright and remove syringe, check dosage accurately again

    8. Check patient is sitting or held upright before giving medicine

    9. Place syringe towards inside of cheek and slowly release plunger, giving the patient time to swallow, rapid squirting of medicine can cause choking.

    PackagingBulk/PE/Blister Individual Package

    Oral Feeding Syringe for Liquid Food Providing

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