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    Knowledge of COVID-19 Prevention and Control 1
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                               Knowledge of COVID-19 Prevention and Control 1

    1. How to protect yourself from the infection of new coronavirus pneumonia?

    (1) Wash your hands frequently. Use soap or hand sanitizer and wash your hands under running water, with a disposable paper towel or clean towel. Wash hands immediately after touching respiratory secretions (eg, sneezing).

    (2) Maintain good respiratory hygiene habits. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, towel, etc. when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.

    (3) Enhance physical fitness and immunity. A balanced diet, moderate exercise, and regular work and rest are required to avoid excessive fatigue.

    (4) Keep the environment clean and ventilated. Open windows for ventilation at least 3 times a day, 20 to 30 minutes each time. When the outdoor air quality is poor, the frequency and time of ventilation should be appropriately reduced. Minimize activities in crowded places and avoid contact with patients with respiratory infections.

    (5) If you have symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough, runny nose, fever, etc., you should isolate and rest at home, and seek medical treatment as soon as the fever persists or the symptoms worsen.

    2. Proper handwashing requires mastering the six-step handwashing method:

    Step 1: Rub the palms of your hands together (rub your hands together five times).

    Step 2: Interlace both hands and rub between your fingers (the palms of your hands are on the backs of your hands, and your hands are crossed and overlapped, and your left and right hands are exchanged and rubbed five times each).

    The third step: rub the palms of the hands between the fingers of the hands (the palms of the hands are intertwined with the palms of the hands, and rub them five times).

    Step 4: Rub the palm of your hand with your fingertips, the left and right hands are the same (put your fingertips on the palm of your hand and rub each other five times).

    Step 5: Rub the thumb of the other hand with one hand, and rub the left and right hands five times in the same way.

    Step 6: Bend your fingers so that the joints are rotated and kneaded in the palm of the other hand, and exchange for five times each.

    3. When do you need to wash your hands?

    (1) Before and after passing the file. 

    (2) After coughing or sneezing. 

    (3) Before, during and after food preparation. 

    (4) Before eating. 

    (5) After going to the toilet. 

    (6) When hands are dirty. 

    (7) After contact with others.

    (8) After contact with animals. 

    (9) After going out and returning. 

    (10) Before and after changing work clothes.

    4. What should I do if I don’t have clean water during the trip and it is inconvenient to wash hands?

    You can use quick-drying hand sanitizer for hand sanitization. However, hands must be washed with visible contaminants or chemicals.

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