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    Knowledge of COVID-19 Prevention and Control 2
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    Knowledge of COVID-19 Prevention and Control 2

    1. How to choose a mask?

    Option 1: Disposable medical surgical masks, wear them for 4 consecutive hours and replace them when they are contaminated or wet.

    Option 2: Medical protective masks, wear them continuously for 4 hours, and replace them immediately after pollution or moisture.

    2. Use masks correctly.

    How to use the disposable medical surgical mask: Wash your hands before wearing, turn the mask darker outwards, lightly inwards, with the metal strip of the nose clip on top, and then pinch the nose clip to shape it.

    3. How do special groups wear masks?

    (1) Pregnant women wearing protective masks should pay attention to their own conditions and choose products with better comfort.

    (2) Elderly people and patients with chronic heart and lung diseases will feel uncomfortable after wearing it, and even aggravate the original condition. You should seek professional guidance from a doctor.

    (3) Children are in the stage of growth and development, and their faces are small, so choose children's protective masks.

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