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    Customs Declaration Service Changing of Britain
     Jul 08, 2022|View:258

                                     Customs Declaration Service Changing of Britain

    There is news that all UK imports will be conducted through the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) from October, as HMRC ends support for the Customs Processing Import and Export Freight Platform (CHIEF).

    Multiple sources have identified the date as "fixed" and the September 30 cancellation of UK imports
    of CHIEF services seems unlikely to be delayed.

    For the European continent, this conversion seems to have come at an untimely time, as many new automation projects covering imports, exports and inbound will not come into effect until 2023. This makes it "very difficult" to raise awareness for the company.The end result is that the importer will not be able to make a declaration.

    Please register for the new customs declaration system in time, if the registration is not successful when the deadline of September 30 is approaching, all import and export business will be forced to terminate.


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