Cholera case in Wuhan University
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Cholera cases

At 21:30 on July 9, Wuchang District CDC notified Wuhan University that a suspected cholera infection case was found. After verification, the case was a graduate student of Wuhan University, 

living in the Eighth House of the Faculty of Engineering, with a past history of gastroenteritis. He developed fever, vomiting, and diarrhea around 5:00 on July 8. He went to Wuhan University 

Hospital for treatment at 10:00 on July 8, and was referred to Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital because of more than 3 diarrhea. At present, the student has been transferred to Wuhan 

University People's Hospital for isolation and treatment according to relevant requirements.

According to the feedback from the CDC, the nucleic acid test for the new coronavirus was negative. The Hubei Provincial CDC and Wuhan CDC conducted a review of the original sample. 

The serological agglutination test was positive for O139, and the diagnosis was cholera. The virulence gene was negative (cholera arc). The pathogenicity of the bacteria is weak), and after 

effective diagnosis and treatment, the patient's condition is stable and the symptoms have disappeared. As of 19:36 on July 10, through rapid inspection of 264 key groups and 259 points, 

no O1 and O139 groups of Vibrio cholera were detected, and no new cases were found.

Emergency measures taken by Wuhan University

On the evening of July 9, after receiving the notification from the CDC, the school attached great importance to it. The main leaders of the school's party and government immediately 

instructed the party and government office, school hospital, student work department, logistics department, and security department to actively connect and fully cooperate with the 

government's health, The disease control department will do a good job in student treatment, environmental monitoring, student living security in closed buildings, and psychological 


1 Actively docking the territorial

From the evening of July 9, under the guidance of the District Health and Health Bureau and the District Disease Control Department, the Eight Houses of the Faculty of Engineering and 

the laboratory where the student was located were closed overnight. At the same time, the Wuchang District Party Committee and the District Government established an emergency 

response leading group, the school established a special class for public health emergency response, and all relevant departments actively cooperated with the territory to jointly do a 

good job in the response.

2. Immediately do a good job in the detection of close contact personnel and environmental disposal

On July 9, it was determined that the student was in close contact with 3 people (2 roommates and 1 person who shared the meal) and had been transferred to the school isolation point 

for centralized isolation. From the evening of July 9th to the early morning of July 10th, the sampling work of 254 students, 3 dormitories, and 15 merchants in the Eighth House of the Faculty 

of Engineering was completed. The relevant areas were temporarily closed and controlled, and the relevant personnel were quarantined as required, and took preventive medicine. Organize 

special forces to comprehensively do a good job of providing living security and psychological assistance to the closed and controlled personnel. Environmental sampling and terminal disinfection 

have been carried out for the public areas, dormitories, toilets, sewage pipes, and the laboratory building where the student is located in the Eight Houses of the Faculty of Engineering.

For the medical staff and inspectors who came into contact with the student at Wuhan University Hospital on July 8, samples were taken to carry out Vibrio cholera testing, and the relevant 

environment was tested and terminally disinfected. Investigate 19 cases of diarrhea from July 1 to 10, take samples and conduct Vibrio cholera testing as required.

3 Fully open the summer intestinal infectious disease education work

Wuhan University has carried out a series of health education work on intestinal infectious diseases in summer. For example, "Warm Reminders on Strengthening the Prevention of Intestinal 

Infectious Diseases in Summer" has been posted on the school's homepage to improve teachers and students' awareness of personal protection; medical experts have been invited to give 

special lectures. ; Prompt teachers and students through new media and other forms to prevent intestinal diseases in summer; further carry out patriotic health campaigns throughout the school.


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