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    Disposable syringe manufacturer describes a disposable syringe
     Sep 03, 2022|View:260

    As a professional disposable syringe manufacturer, today I'm going to talk about the disposable syringe. The disposable syringe is made up of a jacket, core rod, rubber stopper, cone head, handle, and cone head. The disposable syringe can be used in combination with disposable syringes for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injection, blood sampling, or drug lysis.

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    Disposable syringe material is usually polypropylene, or PP, which is medical grade and requires certification, according to the disposable syringe manufacturer. But as far as I know, not all hospitals use medical grade PP in the strictest sense. Disposable syringe manufacturer also determines the quality of PP according to the size and grade of the hospital. The material should be:

    1. A variety of sterilization options (high pressure, hot steam, oxirane, gamma rays, electron beams).

    2. Transparency and gloss.

    3. Excellent balance of rigidity and impact resistance, minimum distortion.

    4. Good low-temperature impact resistance.

    To meet the above requirements, disposable syringe manufacturer needs disposable syringe manufacturing materials.

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