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    Select Luer slip syringe tip according to the application
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    Now that we know the basics of Luer slip syringe tip, there are several different types of Luer slip syringe tip that can be purchased during use, depending on the application, these include Luer Lock, Luer Slip, catheter syringe tip, and insulin syringe tip.

    Luer slip syringe tip

    The Luer Lock Syringe provides a more secure connection. The Luer slip syringe tip needs to be screwed on and locked into place. This helps prevent accidental slip and Luer slip syringe tip shedding.

    Luer slide syringe the Luer Slide Syringe provides a quick and easy way to connect the needle. Such syringes are often cheaper and better used when a rapid injection is required. Sometimes a Luer slip syringe tip pops up, which is why some health care professionals prefer to use the Luer slip syringe tip.

    The catheter Luer slip syringe tip syringe is usually used for injection through a tube or when the normal slip tip needle is larger than the normal slip tip. The eccentric Luer slip syringe tip syringe has an eccentric tip and is commonly used for superficial intravenous or arterial injections.

    The insulin Luer slip syringe tip has a short, thin needle that helps prevent pain and bruising. The Luer slip syringe tip is long, thin, and labeled in insulin.

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