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    Scalp vein set
     Oct 11, 2022|View:120

    Material:medical grade PVC,with or without DEHP


    1.Plastic spike(with air vent/without air vent) , metal spike is available

    2.Drip chamber(blow moulding/injection moulding)

    3.Filter inside chamber

    4.Flow regulator device

    5.Latex / Y connector

    6.Two-way connector(luer)/ luer lock conncetor

    7.Hypodermic needle/ scalp vein set(with cap)


    The componets could fitted by request.


    1)Types: normal type .


    2)Delicately-designed needle-point with features of sharpness,smooth puncture, less damage to the issue,less painful feeling to the patient.


    3)With soft wings for the convenience of fixation.


    4)With large ID and high flow.


    5)Size distinguished by the wing's color for the clear recognition.


    6)Safety scalp vein set with protective sheath on the tube.


    7)soft pulling after the infusion so that the needle can be pulled into the protective sheath so as to prevent the medical care persons hurt by the used people.


    Sterilization: sterilized by EO gas

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