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    How the luer slip syringe tip was made
     Oct 18, 2022|View:296

    The luer slip syringe tip, which is used for blood collection and drug injections, is made of stainless steel, which is machined into a tubular structure at the beginning of production. Then, in order to make the needle seem seamless, it is necessary to weld all the seams together with laser welding, which will result in a very regular standard tubular object.

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    Stainless steel is not hard enough to reach the point of the needle, so in order to make the steel pipe harder, the production workers need to carry out many times the cold processing of the steel pipe, and cold processing this way the pipe can also become thinner. At this point, a pipe that was about to transform into a luer slip syringe tip was completed.

    We all know that the tip of a luer slip syringe tip is pointy, so the next big step in production is how to turn two smooth tubes into sharp needles. First of all, through a rolling machine will be the steel pipe along the line cut accurately, so that we can get a length of about 5 cm of small steel pipe. These small steel pipes cut out will fall directly into a box, through the box of air pressure device vibration, so that all the small steel pipes will line up neatly, the production worker can easily pack all the small steel pipes and send them to the next processing step. With repeated rinsing and sharpening, the wheel adjusts the angle to the size of the syringe, and the tip becomes sharper, giving the luer slip syringe tip the look we normally see.

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