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    Disposable syringe manufacturer tells you about testing equipment for disposable syringe
     Oct 31, 2022|View:102

    With the spread of new coronaviruses, the medical field plays an increasingly important role in developing vaccines and drugs to combat viruses and diseases. Disposable syringes are particularly important as the "vehicle" for these drugs to enter the body. Therefore, the quality of disposable syringe will directly affect the accuracy of the amount of medicine, so how do disposable syringe manufacturers test to ensure the quality of disposable syringe?

    disposable syringe

    There are two ways to test the quality of disposable syringe. The first method is to send to a third-party medical device quality testing organization to test the use of professional testing instruments to test the quality of disposable syringe through testing data. The second method is for disposable syringe manufacturers to find medical device testing equipment suppliers to purchase their professional instruments to test.

    Syringe quality testing requires the use of instruments such as ZY15810-C syringe tightness positive pressure tester, syringe tightness negative pressure tester FY15810-, TL0573-C syringe piston thrust tester, syringe sliding tester HX15810-C, prevention of reuse push back tester, safety syringe finger tester, safety syringe resistance needle force tester, 6% Luer cone joint multi-function tester and other syringe testers.

    The syringe tester detects the performance of the physical aspects of the syringe. To determine the quality of the syringe, a full set of tests is required, which means that both disposable syringe manufacturers and medical device third-party testing organizations need to purchase a full set of syringe testers when buying disposable syringe.

    Disposable syringes belong to the medical consumables category, the use of many products, and disposable syringes are tested by product batches. Testing is more frequent. Because of this, most disposable syringe manufacturers buy professional instruments to test themselves, and a small number of companies choose medical device third-party testing organizations.

    Once unqualified disposable syringe enters the market, they will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and economic losses are not generally affordable; for the enterprise's long-term development and the health of patients, it is necessary to purchase syringe testers.

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