Disposable syringe manufacturer tells you why the old "butt needle" is now almost non-existent
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In the memory of childhood, it seems that the injection to the buttocks, but also because of this operation, this needle is also called "butt needle," and now people are sick almost rare to see this injection method. This is why? A professional disposable syringe manufacturer will answer this question for you.

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1. The buttocks are rich in muscles, and the drug is slow to take effect. Unlike other needle injections, injections in the buttocks are mainly intramuscular. If you want to treat inflammation in your body, you need the drug to enter the blood circulation as soon as possible so that it can take effect on the inflammation site in a short time. The muscle of the buttocks is the part of the body with the most muscle content, and it takes longer to see good results, so we now inject in the shoulder area because the effect of upper arm injection is better than the effect of hip injection, and the effect is faster.

2. Nerve damage and muscle damage. If you are not careful, you may "accidentally" injure the sciatic nerve, causing pain and numbness in the lower limbs; doing it more often may lead to muscle necrosis in the buttocks.

3. People's choice. With the rise of intravenous injection, people generally feel that the infusion is "fast," coupled with the lower pain of intravenous injection, so the choice of "buttocks injection" is less and less. In addition, due to the development of society and the psychological construction of individuals, with the progress of medicine, but also to protect the privacy of each patient, as well as to allow patients to get better faster, more and more people began to choose to play the hanging needle, that is, the intravenous injection method.

4. The variety of drugs is increasing. In the past, when we had "buttocks injections," most of the drugs used were penicillin, which is more irritating. To avoid allergies, buttocks injection is usually given, and the frequent use of penicillin may produce a certain degree of drug resistance. Nowadays, with the development of medical technology, the selection of drugs has become more and more selective, and the side effects have been reduced, so to reduce the risk, doctors usually do not use penicillin but use some drugs with fewer side effects. This also eliminates the need for "butt injections."

In general, with the development of society and the improvement of medicine, eliminating the "butt injection" is inevitable.

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