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    How do use the 10ml oral syringe with Cap?
     Nov 21, 2022|View:53

    The 10ml oral syringe with cap is an oral syringe that is more accurate than a spoon or cup. It is often used to give drugs to small children.


    10ml oral syringe with cap

    1. First Wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer.


    2. Open the bottle of medicine that needs to be injected.


    3. If necessary, open the 10ml oral syringe with cap and insert it into the open bottle.


    4. Oral syringe with cap was used to obtain the required dose.


    5. Place the tip of the 10ml oral syringe with cap in the child's mouth.


    6. Do not aim the syringe at the center of the child's mouth -- the area between the gums and the inside of the cheek.


    7. Push the plunger gently, pushing a small amount of medication into the child's mouth.

    Don't push the plunger all at once. Push the plunger again after the child swallows, so the child doesn't choke or suffocate


    8. After use, wash the 10ml oral syringe with cap with warm soapy water.



    This is how to use the 10ml oral syringe with cap. I hope it can help you. There are many specifications for oral syringes with caps besides 10ml. If you want to know more, you can contact us.

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