Changzhou Public Welfare Walk
 2022/11/22 | View:302

The ninth "A Bag of Milk Crossing" and "2022 Changzhou Network Public Welfare Walk" large-scale public welfare activities were officially held today. With the theme of "Welcoming the 20th National Congress and Moving into the Future", Changzhou people implemented the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and gathered strength to move forward through public welfare activities.


The walk, with 15 resupply stations along the route, has a growth type, challenge type and extreme type, 

the route length is 13 km, 14 km and 27 km respectively, ending in the Chinese dinosaur park tourist resort 

Dino water town.

The "A Bag of Milk Walk" is the most popular charity event in Changzhou, and its influence has long surpassed 

the limits of the region. Love knows no borders, and the 30-strong team of friends from abroad also shone, 

coming from Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Slovenia, Spain and other places.

Our company participated in this charity event as a group, contributing to the cause and donating milk to more

underprivileged children, so that more children can feel the care and warmth.

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