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    The most common method of separation of gas mixtures
     May 31, 2013|View:1014

    Absorption is one of the most commonly used method for separation of gas mixtures. In the production of chemical and other industries, but also often encounter the problem of the separation of the homogeneous liquid mixture, e.g., methanol purified A casein apparatus, the stability of the light hydrocarbon gas, crude oil fractions cutting, ethylene, propylene, ethylene device separation, the standard treatment of the effluent. Although the homogeneous liquid temperature Antiquities separation There are many ways, but the the distillation and coffin distillation is the most mature and the most commonly used method.

    Distillation operation also need to take appropriate measures, which is part of vaporization of the liquid temperature compound or partial condensation of the gas mixture. Has a pair of component mixture, the volatile component A capacity greater than the component B. The mixture was heated to boiling and a portion of the vaporized, the composition of the generated gas, liquid two-phase must have this relationship.

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