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    What is the role of infusion pump treatment of women
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    Infusion pump constant speed function, not affected by maternal posture, transfusion side hand have larger mobile space, improve maternal quality of life. In the clinical rescue for severe maternalapplication of various drug requirements in a certain period of time of venous infusion to make correct calculation and adjustment, the traditional large infusion can not input drugs or liquid in a short period of time and is not easy to adjust the speed of infusion, and quantitative, infusion pump constant speed, easy adjustment, alarm, etc. various features are fully applied, wide speed range selection infusion pump and medical infusion set, can according to the need of rapidadjustment of drug dosage and the infusion speed fast, need a large amount of fluid of hemorrhagic shock such as production, infusion pump can be quickly liquid pump into the body, to save the valuable time of maternal.

    Use of infusion pump, can avoid repeated venipuncture for pregnant women suffering from vascular blood returning blockedneedle, reduce the damage to the blood vessels. Clinical on oftenworry about maternal emergency rescue in the process of deliverycan early and early establishment of venous channel with medicineliquid, but often in order to prevent maternal handle breath-holding force vascular blood blocked needles while the liquid droplet numberfast to reduce needle blocking rate, maintain the vein channel for liquid drops and soon women have not labor, and the need toconnect a few bottles of liquid, increased maternal economic burden, and infusion pump and infusion drip number to very small is not easy to cause vascular blood return, may limit the volume of fluid (such as input is very important for transfusion in patients with cardiac disease in pregnancy) and can save the cost expense. In addition, without repeated venipuncture also reduce medical costs. 

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