How to identify the ventilator is good or bad?
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First, sleep apnea patients wear machine treatment flow velocity in the respiratory tract than natural breathing fast, similar to ride in the speeding convertible on mouth breathing, so the air must pass through the artificial increase in temperature and humidity, in order to ensure the comfort of wearing machine, to ensure the therapeutic effect. Some people think that the south hot wet, do not need artificial warming humidification. In fact, now the air-conditioning penetration rate is very high, especially in the south, the indoor environment is not the original hot and humid. The temperature and humidity of nasal and airway mucosa of human on the air demand is much higher than the hands, face and other skin requirements. So the only artificial heating and humidifying can avoid caused by cold air caused by allergic rhinitis nasal obstruction, runny nose and discomfort to ensure efficacy.

Second, due to mechanical control and other aspects, the actual pressure of single level ventilator also with wear machine breath and fluctuate, and not a line is a ideal state. Inhale as capacity becomes larger, the face mask pressure will transiently decreased. If the pressure sensing instrument insensitive and motor compensation power is not big enough, then the instrument pressure will be decreased greatly (10%~15%); and exhale, due to capacity becomes small, the face mask pressure instantaneous rise (10%~15%), if the pressure sensing instrument insensitive and motor control is not good, then the pressure instrument will rise sharply.

A sign of a good instrument two: motor pressure sensing tube and high performance with high sensitivity.

Third, because of a machine at night to turn over, masks will inevitably leak, if the instrument does not have the leakage or leakage compensation compensation function is not powerful enough, a slight leakage, mask pressure dropped. A user wearing instrument snoring phenomenon, not reach therapeutic purposes 

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