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    Home mechanical ventilation time
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    The working process of domestic ventilator flow regulator is controlled by CPU,: medical oxygen by pressure reducing valve and through mixing air filter into the gas tank. Ventilation pressure and volume set by the doctor according to the requirements of SARS patients, to adjust the gas through the one-way valve into the human body mask, and into the human body, the suction pressurepatient exhales, the one-way valve closed, suction reducepressure, patients with pulmonary aspiration barotropic flows out automatically, namely through the mask out.

    May feel discomfort. This is a normal phenomenon. Take a few deep breaths, used for the first time: the first time when using ventilator. After a period of time to adjust, patients will gradually adapt to this new feeling.

    Please remove the cover and turn off the ventilator. Wake up tosleep, night: if need to wake up. Please wear the mask and open the ventilator.

    Try to keep the mouth closed during treatment. Mouth leak will result in reduced efficacy. If not mouth leak problem solving,mouth leak: if you use a nasal mask. You can use the oronasal mask or using the jaw belt.

    The best effect of domestic ventilator. Leakage would affect the efficacy of mask: mask worn, wear good and comfortable. So it is very important to eliminate the leakage. Before wearing the mask,please clean the face, remove facial excessive sebum, whichcontributes to a better wear a mask and can prolong the maskpad life.

    May be the nose, mouth and pharynx dryness, dry problem: using the process. This point is more obvious in winter. Usually, plus the last humidifier can eliminate the discomfort.

    May there sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose and otherphenomena. Usually, nasal stimulation: a few weeks before thetreatment. With the last humidifier can solve the above problem. 

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