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    How to choose good beyond ventilator?
     Jul 17, 2013|View:1208

    Now the function of relative superiority beyond ventilator, it sold in the market is very optimistic, so, now there are many various retail outlets, selling beyond ventilator, so in this way, is to consumers caused buy hard results, thus, how to buy a good customer the young ventilator, this problem has become the most sorrow.

    How better to buy beyond respirator? To solve this problem, in fact, do not have to be too confused. For beyond ventilator, in the purchase, mainly has the following several methods to identify.

    1, according to the hospital diagnosis, to determine whether the purchase

    According to the hospital diagnosis and pressure measurement, the lung function, upper respiratory tract (mainly the nasopharyngeal cavity) to make comprehensive evaluation. The doctor will according to diagnosis and prescription, recommended purchase type, pressure setting

    2, try on the machine, to determine the optimal models

    Due to the different characteristics of different manufacturers design (especially fully automatic machine and double horizontal machine) through the debugging of different data (pressure range, inspiratory time, respiratory rate, respiratory ratio) test under wear machine, in order to identify the most suitable for your models.

    3, choose the mask, matching heated humidifier

    The mask seal, comfort is directly related to the therapeutic effect and long-term compliance. Debugging wear by testing the nose height, facial width mask types, determine, determine the best. Matching a heating can automatically adjust the humidifier, can greatly reduce the high speed airflow caused by nasal dryness and other symptoms, comfort greatly increased.

    4, regular sleep monitoring, assessment of therapeutic efficacy

    After use, should carry out regular monitoring, data analysis, and the changes of respiratory events, pressure adjust.

    Four methods to identify the above, is the people in the purchase of Biyang ventilator, must pay attention to and make the best use of, so here, small make up remind everybody, in the purchase of Biyang ventilator, as far as possible to the professional point of sale to buy, buy to avoid breathing machine and shoddy. 

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