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    Urine Bags

    Lelun is a CE and ISO manufacturer of Urine Bags.

    The Lelun range of urinary bags cater to patients who are mobile and immobile, and are designed with careful consideration for each lifestyle. Due to production of urinary bags located in China, low prices can be maintained, whilst still maintaining a superior level of quality.

    The products has different specificaitons and type of Urine bag with screw valve(LLUB-3) differs from men and women. Involving LLUB-1 Urine bag with T-valve(LLUB-1),LLUB-2 Urine bag with pull-push valve(LLUB-2), LLUB-3 Urine bag with screw valve(LLUB-3), LLUB-4 Urine bag without outlet(LLUB-4), LLUB-5 Disposable paediatric urine bag(LLUB-5).