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    • Burette Infusion Set

    Burette Infusion Set

    (1)Name: Disposable Infusion Sets, Disposable I.V. Sets
    (2)Scope of application: disposable use of venous tranfusion , hypodermic injection in clinic
    (3)Sterilization: Steriled with E.O. gas. Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic
    (4)Certifications: CE 0197ISO 9001.2000Quality Control System Identification;ISO13485-20032000Quality COntrol System Identification
    (5)Packing: PE bag unit packing
    (6)Warns: single use only.,reuse is forbiden.stop use if the pack is damaged
    (7)Advantages: Technical workers and machines
    Highly sharp needle points,light punture force,less pain to patient
    (8)Others : OEM...


    CommodityBurette Infusion Set,
    MaterialPVC tube, PE chamber
    SterileEO gas sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic
    Type100ml and 150ml
    MOQ20,000 pcs
    Supply Ability100,000 pcs per day
    Scope of Applicationused in the vein drop for the Children
    AttentionDiscard after use; For single use only.

    Product Accessories:

    • Drip Chamber:big chamber or small

    • Vented Spike:with or without air vent

    • Flow Regulator:made of polyethylene or ABS

    • Flexible Soft Tube:1.5m soft PVC and kink resistant

    • Protective Cap:for closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in

    • "Y" Injection Port:with or without

    • Rubber injection site:with or without

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